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The 1 Secret about Personal Branding that Nobody is Talking About

Here’s a fun fact:

You are working another full-time job and you didn’t even know you did.

Well, until now. Because I’m unveiling the big secret.

It’s Branding.

Or in fancy LinkedIn terms, the belated job title you never received is “Director of Personal Brand Marketing”.

Because you own a brand. Your own brand. A personal brand.

The fact you exist in a social environment fundamentally means that you are actively and passively communicating a picture of yourself onto others.

At. all. times.

It’s the way you speak, dress, behave, dance while grocery shopping (though, maybe the last part is just me).

But you get the point, right?

You own a brand.

And understanding this gives you immense power. Because you now got possibilities.

You can strategise, you can manage your brand, heck if you dare you could even launch campaigns *cough* my recent LinkedIn post *cough*

Or you know, you could go back to ignoring the fact that you undoubtedly have a brand and let your brand run havoc by potentially communicating something you don’t want to stand for.

Oh god, imagine if all company brands did that.

Well, there is a reason why companies think that branding is a good idea.

So maybe, just maybe, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate if a more active approach to your own brand would also be a good idea.

Spoiler alert: it is.


TL;DR Big dramatic reveal that you got job responsibilities. You’re welcome.

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